Monday, August 25, 2014

Every fake jewel reveals its true color

Phone conversation between one 32nd degree Mason
in the Philippines with another brother Mason based 
overseas in May 11, 2010:
 RP: "Bro, what happened? Why did the results
come up with Aquino? Binay? They were not the
real leading contenders said our bros in the
commission and all our sources in the field."
Overseas: "Bro, do not make any moves.
What the higher ups say is that there was
really a determined and final decision
for clear intervention otherwise Aquino
will not be the winner. Do not do anything.
The higher ups warned that these people
are extremely dangerous. They are willing to do
anything for unsavory ends and selfish goals.
Especially FreeMasons who will oppose them
will be the worst hit." For your own sake there,
you all accept it. That stupid miserable affair
will all come to pass"

We all know that long ago, the spell over the country had been broken. It was revealed that the Mindanao and other raison d' etre of foreign powers to dictate the events and circumstances in our politics and state affairs was the compelling backbone for manipulating Philippine elections to make it appear that nonoy akino the 3rd won the elections in 2010.

No matter what kind of magic the powers behind the scenes worked out, it would come out in the open that they intervened and suppressed the rights of the ordinary voter by allowing large scale fraud to produce a fake president.

Because the outcome was not and will never be desirable, installing by force, money and electronic manipulation an abnormal child in the body of a man in the highest post in even the poorest country in the world, 

People have completely lost faith or any semblance of trust and hope in the Aquino regime. Being unpopular the chosen strategy of the regime's spin doctors is Offense is the best defense.

The Hitlerian Goebbels of the punitive, oppressive regime launched the PR blitzkrieg campaign and rammed the irritating slogan into the collective mind of the Filipino people of "becoming president for a second time."

Clearly, the retarded kid and the monsters around him are too desperate to give in to really decrepit, mindless, desperate efforts. These stupid antics tell of a dark, psychologically disturbed, extremely lunatic mind.

The regime has visibly turned into all kind of half-baked remedies to save its skin. What my jeweller grandpa used to tell me will always be true, no matter what: Anything fake, whether it be jewel, or other things, will reveal its true colors from exposure to the elements. Nothing fake will ever last.

Even presidents or vice presidents and that is the real sad and painful truth.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

We have the Power. We will Overcome!

From:  Power of the People for Change

The people are tired of living under the very dark aegis of the current regime. It appears as though a cloud of evil enveloped the country.

From the onset, weird things were happening under the disguise of "reviewing contracts," therefore there was a complete cessation of public spending.

No projects were being started or continued, everything came to a halt. Other rationalizations came in the form of: "We have no money, the previous administration spent it all, and advanced budget allocations ahead of time..." and so on and so forth. But nobody believes this canard. Because it started to show in the burgeoning national budget despite that there was no spending being made.

The funds for mysterious utilizations like the dole-outs called conditional cash tranfers or CCT, Development Acceleration Program - DAP, among many other diabolically ingenious money-grubbing schemes by the national leadership, ballooned into mind-boggling size that the hunger for money of these creatures becomes clearly, shockingly unbelievable.

Where do they get the gumption and gutzpah to engineer such thievery of the people's money? It cannot be because of telephone and mobile cellular conversations with pastors, Cardinals nor the Pope himself. Because such horrific, sinister schemes speak only of the work of the darkest elements and the malevolent so-called laman-lupa.

To make it worse much further, this administration was not only lazy, it was insane. The regime was both psychologically and somatically impaired. The disease it suffered was incurable, irreparable.

When everyone noticed that MalacaƱang was never holding any Cabinet Meetings at all (inpossible for any administration anywhere in the world - but the minions were all in agreement and enjoyed traipsing and gathering money all over town) it pretended to hold such meetings. Yet no meetings took place. The supposed leader dictated terms of endearment on how to tastefully, very slowly kill the regime's enemies. The great idiotic leader cajoled them into filing cases before the artificial pretend cabinet meetings. When the pretend meetings came, he cajoled them further, over and over again like a decrepit record player - but this one spewed saliva all around.

This filing of cases - even one against Philippine and World Champion boxer Manny Pacquiao was all part of a masquerade borne of a depraved and diabolic mind.

However, it will be near to impossible for these cold hearted and dark spirited creatures to win in any situation, for always crime does not pay.

The rule of law always prevails. Even in the situation of powerful banksters ruling the global economy, where they hold sway over all of us small people - the citizens of the world - the tides are already shifting. Soon as not, these fiendish ogres will ultimately get what they deserve: the wrath of the People.

No matter how heinous and nefarious the capability of these wicked few in society now lording it over the public coffers and wielding power over the seemingly helpless Philippine society and people, they cannot triumph.

Even the Secretary General of the United Nations himself was shamed into visiting Tacloban City after all the members of the world community of nations admitted to the fact that the entire league of governments, including that of Aquino's quisling regime have failed a small chartered city in Eastern Visayas and embarrased itself in the bar of international public opinion.

Whatever the U.N. will say to the contrary, if ever, has no use, because the entire world population has spoken: everyone, to the exception of no one, failed the victims of Yolanda. And after all, Mr. Ban Ki Moon like Aquino, is not perfect and absolutely as adequate as unselfish saints and prophets and will not attempt to rationalize the situation nor draw flak any further than he already has.

So now we go into the scenario where we have all been lied to with thorough impunity from the Quirino Grandstand fiasco, to the Zamboanga Siege, the Malaysia farce invasion engineered behind the scenes, and all the other violent, harmful conundrum that the pitiful country has been drawn into by these tyrant monsters.

The situation is thus:

Someone is painfully doing everything very hard to delete a sin in his heart kept for a long time, diluted by substances and chemicals known and unknown, all the sudden staring into empty space, all the impulse to be alone to smoke and smoke and shoot with guns. But the sin will not go away. Instead the sinner will have to go somewhere and leave the place where he does not deserve to be at all.

It has something to do with the death of a very young female inside a car that was caught during a running gun battle between soldiers from the Reform the Armed Forces Movement involved in a coup d' etat in the late 1980s and those defending the government. Her date promised her a "Joy Ride". It was a Joy Ride that led straight to hell.

That animal will die someday but this time, that animal has to go and fast. The country never ever had a need for an abnormal creature in that post. Mr. Ricky Monfort shared this article:
The vaunted Dinner in NY pales in comparison with the "Boston Flower Arrangement"
Before and during the wake and funeral of the late Madam Corazon Cojuangco AQUINO CORY, it was bruited about that the Filipinos lost a mother, a woman of integrity, an icon, etcetera.
It was said that the death of the late Madam Corazon Cojuangco AQUINO CORY was a great loss to the Filipino nation but it was also an opportunity to use her well talked about popularity to kick out GMA from the presidency, among other possibilities. See the rest of the article here.

Its not true that the guy wants to be President once more after six years. There is no more time left for the guy. He caused the death of an innocent young female and this West Point Academy graduate officer of the Philippine Army, Armed Forces of the Philippines to lose his legs. Even the West Point of the US itself and the parents of and the victim Army officer themselves, are forbidden up to this day to expose the real culprit of that incident where one life was to be sacrificed just because of an insane date in the middle of gun battles raging and a gentleman from West Point Military Academy had to lose his legs. That culprit has to go. If this is not one of the greatest reasons we can never solve in the Philippines, graft, corruption, lying in the face of the public such as a psychologically impaired broadcaster who killed his wife and is instead not restrained from gallivanting freely about and showing his face shamelessly over national television, no other will suffice. It is truly high time for the Pinoy people to take real action. Article Source: The omnibus blog.

So the lying, warmonger beasts believe they can get away with what they are heaping upon the Philippine public, including to some extent those that are living overseas. But that will no longer continue. The sleeping dragon awakened. Now, the balance is tipped. The greater weight in the scales of Lady Justice is now on the side of the hitherto constantly duped, fooled and bamboozled public.
From the time of the ascendancy of the forcibly installed ruthless regime up to this time, the dragon might have taken its sweet time to sleep but its waking time. And the reptile is poised to strike at the visible and known enemy. The signs are in the air as they had always been, as the writing on the wall says it will:

The criminals have to thank the Heavens that the Guillotine has been banned from use. But then again, with an awakened world movement against corruption, they will have nowhere to run nor hide. But for the dragon, the catch is, to make something like this stupendous and grand-scale chicanery never happen again, especially to the blessed Filipino people.

The criminals are well-advised, surrender, embrace jail or just plain succumb to suicide. Crime perpetrators, your ball.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Napoles' golden silence

Survey says: Nothing was truly accomplished in the Senate Hearing today.

Survey says: The Senate Hearing turned out to be a badly scripted Moro-Moro play.

Survey says: The much-ballyhooed Hearing, was labeled as Senate Investigation in aid of Demolition (instead of Legislation).

Survey says: The entire hullabaloo was a major public relations campaign of international proportions but did not meet up to its own  stage director's expectations.

The entire production, went pffft and rates a  very low grade of D minus. The play had holes in it to be perceived as mere scenario making. Ms. Janet L. Napoles was mum on nearly all of the questions. Plus, Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago had to coach her how to use the weapon of silence through the mere utterrance of the phrase: I invoke my rights vs. self incrimination. All in all, it was a stupidly planned show and gives the public the jitters. 

Survey says: The confession of Napoles was not needed because the purpose was to demean some personalities who are not in the graces of Malacanang. Having the subalterns of the thief Napoles, was enough.

Senator TG Guingona, said to be a famous drug user, led the entire cockamamie affair into its righteous conclusion: Enrile, Revilla and Estrada should be hanged for stealing hundreds and hundreds of millions of PDAF.

Survey says: The irate President continuously complained through his PR managers that the enemies of the administration are using the DAP issue to cover up for the stealing of the PDAF funds. Sen. Santiago echoed the lament of  Malacanang kept singing the chorus with Palace Harmony Singers that some ill-intentioned parties are out in the open to divert the issue from PDAF to DAP.

A Mr. Jimmy Policarpio was purported by Sen. Santiago to be paying off cheap columnists and reporters to do just that.

 known substance abuser and Peter Alan Cayetano, a man insanely driven by the ambition to rise above the person who fed his young models-loving father from the palm of his hand (called Tanda by Sen. Miriam Santiago, ex Judge and former Cory appointee as well as collector of about a half-million pesos bribe per head now ensconced in Switzerland from the lion's share of undocumented 4 million chinese in the Philippines during the 1986 installed revolutionary regime), the drama goes on attempting to be the best Pitong Komikera-Komikerong Itlog show in this part of the globe.

The lady from Lima was also present, hubnubbing with Sen. Santiago during recess with Sens. Cayetano and Trillanes trading ideas from time to time during the interregnum when the Great Madam money giver to presidents, politicians and bureaucrats and money grubber, in the league of Mr. Zaldy Co and Mr. Edwin Gardiola said Time Out, I Have To Eat Lunch. Missing the action was the real lawyer of Madam, Atty. Fred Villamor, for whom the lady of Lima lawyered for Madam Napoles, being an obedient , willing partner with or without her underwear.

The useless debates centered on the scripted silence of Ms. Napoles and the supposedly honest, "credibility of the truth" statements of Benhur Luy, as well as other Napoles underlings. Even President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino the 3rd did not bother to listen to any of the burdensome, inane and previously scripted talk flying freely at Senate. The turd had prepared speeches to media about the bagyo - super typhoon Yolanda. The Madam continuously denied everything while Brain dead Miriam Santiago became her tutor in how to deny everything in the most decent, legalistic manner: "I refuse to answer, I invoke my right against self-incrimination."

On occasion, at least once or twice, it was mentioned that the famous NGO (non-government organization) and PO (people's organization) community organizer, Madam Napoles, even used the dead to populate her NGOs and POs. From her probably great gratitude to the dead, she possibly bought beautiful Heritage Park lots for her benefactors - Senators, Presidents, Congresspersons, the President's top men and women, local officials and national budget bigwigs.

A multi-million several days' partying and catering marks the visit of Ms. Janet Lim Napoles to the Heritage Park in Global City aka The Fort. The Inquirer reports that the Heritage Park mausoleum dedicated to Ms. Napoles' mother even became a tourist spot recently after this same newspaper broke the news on the Napoles fund scam:
Napoles Mausoleum in upscale Taguig now a tourist spot 
The luxurious two-story Lim-Napoles mausoleum at Heritage Park in Taguig City has become a “tourist spot” after the Inquirer broke the exclusive stories on Janet Lim-Napoles as the alleged mastermind behind the P10-billion pork barrel scam.
Those laid to rest in the upscale memorial park must be turning in their graves.
Janet Lim-Napoles, alleged pork barrel scam mastermind, owns around 280 square meters of “lawn and estate lots” at Heritage Park in progressive Taguig City, according to an insider privy to the sale of the lots.
It was at Heritage Park that Napoles made her voluntary surrender to presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda on Aug. 28.
“The lots were under different names, but it was Ms. Napoles who paid for 200 lawn lots and eight family estate lots,” where the mausoleum now stands, said the source who spoke to the Inquirer on condition of anonymity.
“She bought all the adjacent lots of her mother’s mausoleum because she said she wants space for catering and tents when they celebrate All Souls’ Day as well as the death anniversary and birthday of her mother,” the source said.
The source said the Lim mausoleum is the burial site of Magdalena Luy Lim, the mother of Napoles, who is now detained at Fort Sto. Domingo in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna province.
“It is complete with amenities and furnishings of a high-end condominium unit,” she said.
‘Tourist spot’

The two-story dark grey mausoleum adorned with Halloween trimmings on the ground became a “tourist spot” after the Inquirer broke the exclusive series on Napoles’ illegal transactions using public funds, according to the source.
“Madami nagpapicture (A lot of people are having their pictures taken at the grave site), especially now,” the source said.
The lowest value for a lawn lot based on Heritage Park’s latest price list is P95,000 at 1.2 sq m and a family estate lawn cost around P4.6 million at 4.9 sq m.
“The worth of Napoles’ lots alone could reach around P30 million, but the cost of the construction of the mausoleum we do not know,” she said.
She added that government people who claimed they were with the Commission on Audit had also visited the mausoleum.
Said the source: “For the past four years, at least three times a year, they held a party complete with 24-hour catering and air-conditioned tents.
“Usually, the party preparation began on Oct. 30 and the party lasted three days, until Nov. 1. It was a festive costume party and the kids were given chocolates and candies.
“There were nuns and lots of people arriving and going during the celebration. Plenty of cars.”
Party’s over

Emy, a dirty ice cream vendor who claimed she supplies the ice cream for Napoles every Nov. 1, showed up yesterday at the mausoleum, but was turned away by a man named Marco, because “there was no party today (walang party ngayon)”.
Emy said she saw the developments of Napoles’ case unfold on TV but she took the chance and brought ice cream to the mausoleum but was told that no party guests were coming over.
“Madame Jenny (as Napoles preferred to be called), who was good to us, paid us P6,000 for the ice cream and gave a P1,000 tip,” Emy told the Inquirer.
Another family who had relatives buried near the mausoleum told the Inquirer that they “kind of missed the fanfare, because they even had a stage there once and some concert, plus free food.”
“We did not know who she was. We were told when we asked that the owner was a Chinese businesswoman very close to Erap,” the neighbor said, referring to former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada. Read More >>
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The administration is making the people of the Philippines look stupid and tickling the entire nation to emotional highs using a badly written script played by a drug addict, a highly ambitious imbalanced person, a mental retard called the turd, a brain damaged collector of undocumented chinese bribe money, a fat frog looking principal actor, among a coterie of what Madam Senator Brenda calls cockroaches and assholes (public relations experts and specialists).

At the same time, a super typhoon waits to ravage the entire country with storm surges and possible numerous deaths, damage to crops, property and countless losses and sorrows for millions of people in the land. Still the people are being occupied with the stupid spin of media doctors and drug addicts, brain damaged solons and a turd also using drugs to pacify his reported Asperger's Syndrome. God bless the Philippines that is growing stupider everyday while the fatted cows in government and in their plush business offices keep laughing at all of us.

If the awful drama continues, a crippled duck might soon get kicked out of the duck pen.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Help the Boholindol and Cebulindol victims

Survey says: Every compassionate human fully sympathizes with the people of Bohol, Cebu, Leyte, Samar, among many others that were affected by the recent Killer Earthquake. So do we. We are one with the disaster risk reduction exponents, the Disaster, Hazards Mapping Program Group (Hazmapping) to improve our disaster prevention and preparedness. The December 2011 Cagayan de Oro City-Iligan City killer floods flash floods, the 2012 Negros Oriental Earthquake, several other cruel catastrophes that hit many different parts of Luzon on separate occasions.

Start of bigger devastation

All these disasters signal just the simple beginning, the start of bigger calamities to come. As the advocacy group Centre humanes says:
"This is also in future sympathy with the people of Metro Manila who will be severely affected by a major 7 to 8 magnitude earthquake that was predicted by PHIVOLCs and other experts and disseminated by media very recently. . . We are posting the article below to prompt the Philippine Government key persons to stop wrangling about how much they themselves had stolen from the National Treasury. That is enough for now. There are more significant issues to attend to.
"We are also calling upon the United Nations and its disaster risk reduction arm, the UNISDR to sympathize with us in this campaign to prod the Philippine national government to finally authorize the release of the funds for the modernization of PHIVOLCS. It is true that both the government and the UN have more sensible and important things to do, but it will not take much time to make the final decision to approve and bring over the funds for PHIVOLCs upgrade-modernization to that agency.
"These funds have been awaited for over a very long, long time. A lot of disasters have visited the Philippines. But the greatest disaster is in the form of a major 9-10 magnitude earthquake that will cause a massive tsunami that will drown millions of people and their properties all over the coastal areas of the Philippines. Considering that the country has 7,107 islands with 36,289 kilometers of coastline, and 33% of the country are face the ocean and seas, the extent of the loss of life and property will be horrendous.
"If the government decision makers are too stupid enough not to consider this as consequential, it is time for the country to rethink its directions and replace the majority of these people at the top as soon as humanly possible.
"There is no recourse but to help PHIVOLCS, along with other agencies like NAMRIA, the DOTC's Coast Guard, DND and DILG's uniformed services that all help in search, rescue and recovery. . ."
"You can't predict disaster..."

No one will say that the Boholindol and Cebulindol could have been predicted. As it is being said over and over again in the media, nobody can predict earthquake." The apologists declare that it is possible to "predict floods, tsunami but you can't predict earthquake." That is a total load of shit.

Survey says: Various institutions concerned with disaster risk reduction are convinced that "mitigation and adaptation measures by all sectors and levels of government have been inadequately implemented and weakly coordinated resulting in inefficient use of resources and lack of accountability." - January 2013 Report, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre.

This is by itself a whole crock of shit. You cannot mitigate disaster and adapt to a high danger, maximum risk disaster zone. The premise in itself is already extremely erroneous, albeit dangerous.

It promotes a concept of disaster risk reduction that is predicated upon the presumption of low casualties in low intensity calamities within low risk disaster zones. How about inevitable high casualty in high intensity calamities within very high risk territories? What happened in Cagayan de Oro where the City Mayor made poor people live in his pride and accomplishment - a housing project in an islet the middle of CDO's largest river? The thousand that died in the water basin Marikina when huge volumes of water drowned entire subdivisions while the residents were fast asleep.

Perilous times

Furthermore, the present is no longer ordinary times. These are perilous times we live in. HMES has been campaigning for greater awareness of the portents of the solar maxima.

The consequences of a really powerful solar storm could cause the end of at least the existence of more than one-half of the population in the globe. Solar storm surges are more devastating than Ondoy, Sendong and Boholindol-Cebulindol, among other calamities combined. EMP, electromagnetic pulse, high intensity heat up hundreds even thousands of degrees Fahrenheit, are only part of the killer talons of the solar maxima - if it occurs.

However, among many quarters, it is a given that this incident will occur, as much as it is predicted by scientists that a major 7, 8 or even 9, 10 magnitude earthquake will hit Metro Manila in this lifetime.

Indifferent politicians, ill prepared government

Survey says: Neither our leaders or any government agency in the Philippines or in most parts of the world are serious about the solar maxima.

This is notwithstanding that despite the many world conventions and treaties, private industrial enterprise leaders and their counterparts in the public sector are all aghast and unrepentant over the campaign to reduce global warming or climate change due to unregulated carbon emissions contributed mostly by the business sector.

In the case of the Boholindol-Cebulindol incident, government from the national to the local level was ill prepared to handle the disaster. When had this administration been well prepared at all except in the chop chop of billions of funds for politicians and other very important persons in the bureaucracy? That is not even a suitable question.

The country's geologic survey agency - Philippine Institute for Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) itself up to this time has no firm data on where the earthquake fault in Bohol lies and it had to correct itself for saying that the epicenter of Boholindol and Cebulindol is Carmen, Bohol when it is not the case.

"From over 40 casualties, the death toll has risen to nearly 100 in the Carmen, Bohol Province-Cebu City earthquake. At that figure, the Carmen-Cebu tremor can qualify as a Killer Quake. Cebu and nearby areas has to be declared to be in a state of calamity. There are limited manuevers that aircraft can make at the Cebu airport due to the cracking and opening up of the airport's runways.
"The six million dollar question is: how many more incidents like those in Carmen, Bohol and Cebu City and the other ones in Leyte, Samar will we be expecting?" 15 October 2013
However, there is a qualifier to all these:
"Were the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Philvolcs) prepared adequately enough with equipment to monitor ground movement, tectonic plate disturbance, the nearly 100 deaths could have been avoided. 27 Billion Philippine Pesos is earmarked for pork barrel in the 2014 General Appropriations Act out of a total expenditure program of 2.26 Trillion Philippine Pesos. Would it be difficult to allocate even half of that pork barrel budget for emergency preparedness, disaster risk reduction, equipment upgrade?
Past Warnings of Big Disaster
"This site has been warning the public for more than four years since the time of the former President, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Due to the total torpedoing of the private sector (Corinthian Gardens, Forbes Park, Dasmarinas Village, the owners of high rise condominiums at the left side of EDSA southbound, among others), of the program for predicting highly lethal effects of a major tremor in Metro Manila and the replication of this effort in many urban areas in the country by the same sector in collusion with some corrupt officials in the government, a large disaster and environmental hazards summit was proposed to be supported by the Philippine Government and the United Nations, among other institutions from many other sectors - including the non-profit (minus the Napoles et al NGOs).
"When Mr. Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino 3rd became President, the organizing group wrote to Ms. Corazon Juliano Soliman of the Department of Social Welfare and Development and Gen. Voltaire Tuvera Gazmin. Ms. Soliman did not respond. It was noticed however that several days later, Gen. Gazmin, the Secretary of the Department of National Defense gave an interview to national media.
"In that interview, when Gazmin was asked about what the people should do when a disaster strikes, he replied: 'Run for your lives.' says that, the head of the Philvolcs, Dr. Renato Solidum absolutely cannot be faulted and is blameless.
"For decades, had been ready to accept the support for equipment upgrade and modernization. Despite the billions of funds allocated to the departments of the government, the great oversight of perpetually forgetting to take care of the Philvolcs modernization programme has consistently been committed by this government.
"Despite the billions lost for the personal enrichment of selected persons in our public sector and their intimate partners in very enterprising undertakings in the private sector, no one has shown keen interest in allowing the Philvolcs to finally get hold of the adequate funding for acquisition of hardware and software that will highly increase its forecasting accuracy and its earthquake trending studies and research on major faults all over the country. Click here for more.'s offer to hold the summit on disaster and environmental hazards in Manila, is a vital step towards resolving the lack of disaster prevention, preparedness of the government. Noone can fault government for showing extreme emergency assistance fatigue. The recent crises in flooding in Zambales, the hostage taking in Zamboanga, are barely over and now Boholindol and Cebulindol will take away major cuts in the money the devious thieves are supposed to divert into their private bank accounts, who will not feel tired of that?

So away they tromp into the snowed plazas and grand palaces far away to play. Magaling!